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Comark PDQ400 digital thermometer | Anchor Surgeon's Brush
Digital thermistor thermometer

Comark PDQ400 thermistor

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Still reasonably priced at $32.50 (including shipping), the PDQ400 state-of-the-art pen style digital pocket thermometer is the FASTEST READING thermistor of its kind, even more accurate and completely waterproof!

These thermometers are the state of the art for today’s food service employees, managers and chefs. Dishwasher safe and the most accurate, they are very quick reading and do not need calibration every time you have a temperature change or drop them. They are among the best HACCP approved thermometers available today. Each comes with its own case. For features and pricing details, click here.

Anchor surgeon's brush

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This easy-to-use Anchor surgeon's brush, Super Scrub #2000, fits nicely into the hands for effective scrubbing of hands and fingertips. The bristles are soft enough that they will not scratch your skin, fingernails, or cuticles.

For reducing and removing pathogens responsible for foodborne illness, use this fingernail brush at the hand washing sink of your retail / wholesale food operation or your home. Doctor's offices, business offices, veterinary clinics, even mechanics highly recommend using a fingernail brush. And WARFA offers the best: the Anchor Surgeon's brush. (more)

Digital thermistor thermometer

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This thermistor thermometer is inexpensive, compact and durable, and displays a temperature range of from -40 to 302°F and from -40 to 150°C. It is also very accurate, ±2°F / ±1°C, produces a digital display of the results on its handle, and does not require calibration. You can read it quickly and easily.

It is tip sensitive and measures the temperatures of all foods accurately. This digital thermistor thermometer comes with its own sheath with a built-in clip and an extra battery. (more)

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