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About WARFA providing HACCP systems for the wholesale & retail foodservice industry

WARFA Organization

The Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance is an organization helping to bring HACCP into the wholesale & retail foodservice industry with a positive proactive approach. We were a part of a company that had been providing food safety training, certification, and consulting since 1983. Our food safety programs were developed by a production cook and educator who has earned his Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology.

We have user-friendly and simple systems to help your staff provide the best possible product safely. We have chefs and people with foodservice experience training other foodservice and production staff.

WARFA Education Steering Committee Members

Active WARFA Steering Committee members are:

Chef Steven R. Davis photo

Chef Steven R. Davis

Steven R. Davis has been certified by the American Culinary Federation as an Executive Chef. Dr. Pete Snyder (HITM / Snyder Consulting) and Dean Eloise Cantrell, Ph.D. (Los Angeles Mission College) certified Steven in HACCP and Food Safety Certification for both ServSafe and Thomson Prometric (formerly Experior/NSF) as a trainer/trainer. That means, he is certified to teach teachers.

After WARFA was formed, Steve has been teaching Food Safety procedures to managers, chefs and supervisors and HACCP procedures and plans as well as teaching those who are HACCP certified how to train trainers. He has traveled the country to conduct HACCP Workshops as well as doing individual HACCP consulting. Based on the West Coast of the U.S.A., he puts on monthly HACCP Workshops in the western states and anywhere else he is needed.

Sharon F. Malone-Ward photo

Sharon F. Malone Ward

Sharon F. Malone Ward, B.A., Communications, owner of 24CaratDesign.com, was a Technical Writer and Software Documentation specialist before starting her own web design and development company several years ago.
Sharon has helped to make WARFA programs available over the Internet through online training for Food Safety certification, Food Handler certification and HACCP systems certification. As a web designer and developer, she has transformed food safety training materials into web-based, user-friendly, self-guided coursework available for viewing not only online but in printed form as well.

Inactive WARFA Steering Committee members are:
Dr. Pete Snyder photo

Dr. Peter Snyder

After retiring from the Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management (HITM) of which he was president, Dr. Pete Snyder (O. Peter Snyder, Jr., Ph.D.) recently opened SnyderHACCP, his own consulting firm. Dr. Pete Snyder has been bringing logic and science into the foodservice industry since 1983. He has trained trainers, teachers and executives in-house for over 20 years and continues to offer consulting services to those interested in keeping abreast of HACCP procedures. Dr. Snyder has traveled nationally and internationally, presenting his extensive knowledge of subjects such as HACCP food safety systems, HACCP-based Total Quality Management (TQM), industry self-control vs. regulatory inspection, etc.
Donna M. Poland photo

Donna M. Poland

Now retired, Donna M. Poland (M.S. and graduate studies in Food Science and Nutrition) was the Technical Assistant at HITM. Donna held foodservice management positions and did university-level research and teaching. She provided technical assessment of research studies & label creation, offering nutrition facts & ingredient statements for retail food products. Update: Donna, now deceased, was a valuable part of our team for many years, and we miss her.
Lynn W. Hodulik photo

Lynn W. Hodulik

Now only available part-time for Dr. Snyder's consulting firm SnyderHACCP, Lynn W. Hodulik (B.A., plus graduate work), a former music instructor, worked for HITM for over 16 years in various capacities.

As HITM's Administrative Assistant, she contributed her many skills to the Institute as office manager, receptionist, secretary, order desk, and accounts receivable.

WARFA Certified Trainers

Kristina DeGeorge photo

Kristina DeGeorge

In 2010 Kristina started her career in the food industry at Total Nutrition Technology as a customer service representative. She moved quickly within the company and by 2012 became the Quality Control / Quality Assurance Manager. As part of her position she dealt with the FDA and rulatory compliance. In January 2014 she relocated to the Tampa, Florida area and began working with Premio Foods as the Quality Assurance / SQF Supervisor. Kristina is available to train in the Orlando / Tampa, Florida area and via Skype.

Certifications include: FDA Title 21 CFR 111; SQF Practitioner; SQF Internal Auditor; the University of Nebraska's Food Processing Management Course; and certified in 2013 by WARFA as a HACCP Trainer after passing their Train the Trainer course composed of Food Safety Certification (FSC), HACCP 1 & HACCP 2.
Bertha Dolan photo

Bertha Dolan

Bertha (Bert) A. Dolan has been certified by the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP) as a Food Safety Manager; by American Institute of Baking (AIB) as a Food Defense Coordinator; certified at Penn State University in HACCP Fundamentals; certified at Rutgers University in HACCP 1; and recently certified by Wholesale and Retail Food Alliance (WARFA) after passing their Train the Trainer course which is composed of Food Safety Certification (FSC), HACCP 1 & HACCP 2.

Bert who resides in central Pennsylvania has been employed for the past 7½ years at a manufacturing company as a Quality Assurance Manager. She is new in the teaching field and plans to teach individual as well as company-wide training via Skype or will travel, if needed.
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