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Price Quote/Purchase Order Policy

Since we keep our prices down, this means we cannot provide some services that other companies do.

Price quote comparisons in writing

Because we have companies and sanitarians comparing our product pricing and getting written bids, we have found it necessary to have the following policy for RFA merchandise written bids. Wholesale & Retail Food Alliance will not quote prices just for price comparison. If you need to get a quote, we must be assured that we will be close to the other bids collected and will be notified, whether or not we are chosen, within 30 days.

Purchase orders

In order to keep our prices down, we are not able to carry companies' (other than regular clients') invoices. However, if we are creating an invoice and it will be paid upon receipt, RFA can create a purchase order for your records, if needed.

To request a price quote or purchase order under these terms, please fill out our contact form.